Thursday, February 03, 2005

Fun costs you a lot of money

I had so much fun today! woohooo!!!

I met my friend at Martin Place, then we went to the Botanical Garden. Parks in Sydney has always been my interest, I really like parks.. hahaha does this sound weird? We walked inside the park for more than an hour and then, we walked to the state library to see the photography exhibition.

I met some more friends in the state library. We had lunch near chinatown, but unfortunately we took the wrong bus. so we had to walk in such a hunger from another part of darling harbour to the other side of it. After lunch, we went to circular quay because we wanted to take ferry to go to double bay. We ate a very massive ice cream there, it's so massive that 7 of us could share 1 ice cream.

From Double Bay, we went to watson's bay by bus. After walking down the street there, looking for something unique and interesting, we went to Rose bay to take the last ferry to circular quay. Nadia, one of my friends, took nice pictures of the view and of us.

However, today had cost me quite a lot of money. I spent 8 on lunch, 4 on mocha, 5 on ice cream and 3 on yoghurt. I spent all my money on food! I just realized that! Isnt it crazy? No wonder I put on some weight.. hahaha..
I think my friends have spent more money today. Some of them had to buy a day-tripper ticket, which will cost u 15 bucks. I already got my blue weekly travel pass so I don't need a day-tripper.

For instance, today's fun are:
  1. Parks! I mean Botanical Garden. The view is so amazing from the park to the harbour bridge and the famous Sydney Opera House.
  2. Ferry. It's nice, really nice though sometimes I get motion sickness on a ship.
  3. ICE CREAM!!!!!
  4. Wandering around with my friends.
  5. Being one of the models for the pictures.
  6. Did I mention the walk?

Fun always costs u money..

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At 4:12 AM, Blogger TheExtraOrdinaryOne munched...

asal lo tau aja y mat,, liburan kali ini telah menguras habis tabungan gw (yg memang cuma sedikit itu)..
sampe2 gw skarang takut ga bisa melanjutkan kehidupan di kos2an (3 hari lg aku kembali ngekos dan ga punya uang),,, hixxxx..
will i ever survive???????

lo masi enak madh, di sana jalan2 ke taman bisa bikin Happy,,, nah disini?!?! boro2! mo jalan di taman yg mana??? naik ke monas aja bayar!!! jadi kita sebagai AGJ sejati kan harus jalan2 ke tempat2 yg agaknya menguras kehidupan finansial kita!!!! ahh,,, dilema...

At 8:41 AM, Blogger nara charmyta munched...

bang bing bung ayo kita menabung!
swas.. hidupmu msh panjang nak
jgn habisin duit di kafe2 yg udah tajir itu.
km kan hrs nabung buat kelarin kuliah, kosan yg tdk murah namun mahal itu, buat resepsi pernikahan (plg ga kan bajunya musti keren), buat rumah masa dpn, utk anak2mu, utk liburan2 lain..
jd intinya, msh akan ada byk liburan lain yg membutuhkan uang! jgn habiskan uangmu di 1 liburan doang. hehehehe kok ga ptg ya?


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