Friday, February 04, 2005

Tell me why - part 1

My bestie and I often discuss about the cultural diversity in Indonesia and what impacts it brings us. Why do we discuss it? It's usually me who brought up the topic, it's usually me who concerned about this topic (it's not like she doesn't care, she does care but she is more likely to ignore it) and it's usually me who was being hurt because of it.

Indonesia is a mixture of different kind of tribes, such as Javanese, Batak, Menado, Padang, Dayak, and heaps more (I can't remember their names). Chinese? Ofcourse not. No one ever think about chinese being one of Indonesian tribes. At least, their behaviours to us said so. One easy example is the May riot. The world has seen how chinese were being threatened. I can still remember very clearly how it was like in Jakarta. Many people got killed, women were being raped, buildings and cars were being burnt. And it lasted for 3 days.
I still remember, that day was the last day of final exam for year 6. I was just about to go home with my mom. My mom rarely picked me up at school, but because the situation were getting worse, she decided to take me home with her. Suddenly, the security guys told us to run, away from the school gate, to inside of the school. I hardly knew why but because all people were going inside so I went with them too. Unfortunately, my mom wasn't with me. I was still talking to my friend, at that time, discussing something that keep me from going home. Me and my friend ran to inside of the school. After such a rush and anxiety around me, I began to realize, where's my mom???? Oh no, I lost her! Did she run too? What if she's still outside? At that time, I already knew that the mass were mad and crazy and it's so dangerous out there. Sh*t man! I was really worried and scared. Then, I ran back to find my mom. I found her was running too! When I saw her, I ran to her and hugged her and cried!

I think I didn't suffer a lot of pain like other people that were being threatened by the angry mass. I heard about some scary stories about this may riot. It's not scarry as scarry and spooky, but it's more like horrible and terrifying stuffs that you'd rather not hear it. I heard that those angry, and horny apparently, guys down the street looking for chinese families. They raped the girls in front of their parents or they told the father to rape his own daughters. After that, they burnt down the house or tortured them. Or they let the father live, to suffer more, for feeling guilty and useless. It was just 1 story. There must be more of that.

It's not like that I hate those people because they're ruining someones' lifes. It's just.... we are human, why don't we act as a human? Sometimes, human acts more like an animal..
Moreover, I hate those people treating others bad just because of their different skin colours or races. Oh gosh, how come they don't realise it? We are as high and as low as they are. We have the right to breath the same air they breath. We have the right to be respected. We are not more superior than they are, and neither are they from us.
I know some chinese people treat others like crap, but I know myself. I'm not that kind of people.

Why do they treat others who are different from them like crap? Diversity is so beautiful. You are different from one another. Why do this become such a major problem in some parts of the world?
I'm so tired asking this question, over and over again to myself.

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At 4:15 AM, Blogger TheExtraOrdinaryOne munched...

We're different but i love u!! mmuah!!!

At 8:38 AM, Blogger nara charmyta munched...

ah swas.. kamu bisa aja! makasi ya atas kontribusinya

luv u too!! hikssss aku jd terharu neh..

At 12:12 AM, Blogger restinkindiculous munched...

wow,, I didn't know that you were part of the story hehehe gw pikir cerita itu terjadi nun jauh di sana,,, madh pasti lega setenga mati y menemukan nyokap lo tidak terluka ya hehehe hmmmm kenapa korbannya orang cina y? well,,, dulu gw juga berfikir seperti itu ttg orang cina, until I met you,,, and that have proven my opinion was wrong,,, mungkin mereka ga kenal dan hanya mendengar cerita" dari org lain dan ikutan membenci,, tak kenal maka tak sayang, ktanya,, klo yg masalah banyak cewek yg diperkosa, itu sih brengsek"nya lelaki dan mungkin waktu itu mereka mengambil kesempatan dalam kesempitan,, buktinya sampe sekarang masih banyak pemerkosaan (seperti yg ditayangkan di buser, sergap dan lain") dan klo masalah itu kyaknya bukan masalah rasis tapi masalah gender,,, tapi sedendam"nya org, masa sampe tega nyuruh bokapnya memperkosa anaknya,,,, klo itu sih lebih ke sadissssss,,, and I don't know why in the hell people do that stuff!!!
Diversity is beautiful! but unfortunately not everybody think so,,, and thank to God we do!

At 7:51 PM, Blogger innocent rose munched...

waduh!! maksudnya apa yah??? *wow!!! full of bahasa inggris*... kayak masuk blognya toefl... wekwkekwekwke!!!

At 7:57 PM, Blogger innocent rose munched...

begitulah cintah....
tapi kamu tahu kan siap2 saja orang pribum yang tidak anti akan cina?? seperti kami2 ini col??? muach!!

At 5:37 PM, Blogger nara charmyta munched...

iya, aku senang sekali punya tmn kalian2 ini yg suka ngata2in org bdk sukunya... hahahaha kok jd gini?
trima kasih ya kawan2.. ^^
luv y'all


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