Saturday, February 19, 2005


Baru sadar klo gw bs terbawa bgt sm film, terutama film romance... huaaa...

Today, I had to make dinner for myself, because all people were simply going out for parties, or whatever fun that is, and I didn't feel like stepping outside the house for a long trip to some suburbs near the uni for a dinner and a little chit-chat with some friends in this damn hot saturday! well, i believed today was gonna make a lovely day at the beach. Inspite of the lovely-but-too-hot weather, I still don't regret just staying at home and reading the novel White Gardenia by Belinda Alexandra. Unfortunately, it was raining quite heavily in the afternoon. I was wondering, what would I've been if I were on the street with such a bad weather. It's Sydney weather.

After I made a dinner for myself, not a very tasty one I must admit, I took this Wimbledon DVD and watched it on my notebook. I watched it until a third of it then some friends showed up and we had a chat for an hour or so. I did finish it, and probably that's why I'm writing this.
I really like the way they put things together, the graphics showed in the beginning, Pete's voice of mind, the jokes in it, Paul Bettany, the grin on his face, the background music, Pete's weird family, his manager, the plot, although it wasn't something new, the coincidents seem natural to me, the way the characters love each other and the way Dunst and Bettany brought that all up into the screen (I think this is the main reason why I like this film, it's my mello side, my romantic side....). Besides, it's fun to watch this film. I don't like a film that stress me out, make me do a lot of thinking (I do think while I watch film!), too unsensible, haunt me to my sleep like horror movies do, too sci-fi, this list will go on i believe (though I couldn't think of more).

If someone has some comments for the film, please feel free to comment.

Ah, I've had enough for the day!

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