Saturday, March 26, 2005

My uncle just came back from his 2 weeks business trip to Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia. He went to Jakarta and Surabaya. So I asked him before he left, whether he would help me get my stuffs, from my mom. and ofcourse he said yes. I told my mom what stuffs I need her to prepare. You know, I left hell a lot of stuffs in Jakarta, when I go back here(I am unorganized and unfortunately, my memory doesn't stick with me). I was really looking forward to see these stuffs again. They are:

  1. New PC bras!!! They are really GOOD!! hahaha but I am really confused with this bow in one of the bras. I adore fine, good-looking bra.
  2. lip-gloss.
  3. bags.
  4. The Best of Incognito CD.
  5. My green checkers nike sneekers (how to write sneeker? or is it sneaker?). I really need a water-resistant pair of shoes. or at least, more pair of shoes. So if one of them is wet because of the rain, I still have spare shoes.
  6. A new t-shirt and a new tank-top (man, winter is coming and she sent me a tank-top..)
  7. and I got a SPORTISSIMO neck strap for mobile and all. My sister, Ot, got me that. Oh, how cool.. I love my sister!
  8. oh, and I got a letter too, Nat wrote half part of it and my mom filled the other half.

I was really happy yesterday. I didn't realize that everyone contribute something to that packet until I opened them all.

I will always be loved :)

I hope so.

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