Sunday, May 15, 2005

Martin Place

I really like this place, Martin Place. It is located adjacent to the streets from George St. to Macquarie St., opposite the Virgin Store (George St.) if I remember it correctly. Well, the fact that I walk across this place every time I go to uni, really does have something to do with my fondness. After I get off the Northbridge - City bus, I have to catch a bus at Elizabeth St. I took these pictures in Anzac Day, it's a public holiday. So it's hardly busy. Usually, this place is full of people walking up and down the walkway, people with suits, ties and formal outfits, with their busy motions. Most of the time, I reckoned that they are in hurry.

This is the clock tower, near George St. Posted by Hello

Martin Place Posted by Hello

"Lest We Forget"
the monument for the late soldiers of the Anzac war(I guess..) Posted by Hello

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