Wednesday, May 25, 2005


hmm I'm having my maths exam in less than 6 hours (5 hrs and 54 minutes to go). I think I've finished my revision, but I'm not sure that I should continue revising or not. I really think it should be enough for me, cos I'm sick of it. The more I do the exercise, the more I realized, hey, I haven't cover everything I need to know!!!

So, here I am, in front of the computer, feel in need to be relax.

Calm down, man. Everything's gonna be alright. and the hell is gonna start tomorrow, in physics exam, for 2 and a half hour, and sore right arms, and headache. YOU can handle this.. this is just another exam, just with so much more stuffs, more than the Indonesian national exams. yaikss

So fellows, what do you do before your exams? or what do you do before a very important moments in your life, such as your marriage, job interviews, etc..?

If I failed, .......... let's not day-dreaming.
I can not accept failure, for I am not gonna fail.
Let's go.
(Doakan aku ibu!!!!!)

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