Sunday, September 11, 2005

Sydney Running Festival

I was volunteering for this annually event this morning. It was alright, with the rain and the wind, not much fun watching all these fit runners.. shyt, make me realize that I have to put on some effort for exercising, or else.....

It starts at 6:30, I think.. I'm not sure. I was the court marshall. My job was to tell the runners the right way to go and to give directions. We make sure that no one is crossing the fence (the non-athletes), and that the runners are running on the right path. My area was right in the middle of the famous Harbour Bridge. The authorities have closed the highway from 4:30 am and there's no single car. It feels very good, like having it all for yourself. I didn't get to make any silly encounters, with all these strangers. If only I had couple of friends, I would be running all over the place and screaming and shouting and singing Indonesian national theme song, just for the fun of it. You'd never get to feel it on a freeway!! on the famous harbour bridge!!!, you know, if events like this were not on.

Although it started at 6:30, I was to be checked in by 5:25 and settled in along the bridge before the first runners start. We've got 8 different starts, 2 for marathon, 2 for half-marathon, 1 for bridge run, 1 for fun run, 1 for the wheelchairs marathon, 1 for the wheelchairs half-marathon. I didn't see a lot of wheelchairs, just one or two.

I was stationed with an Australian girl doing her masters in finance at Macquarie Uni. We have to guarded the LHS (left-hand side) of the HB, if you're coming from the same way as the runners. They are heading towards the city. A lot of them were trying to get over the slower ones in front of them, so they took the empty side of the road, which was the LHS one. So we're trying to move people away from it, since it's not the official way. Nevertheless, they came back after they passed us. Some of them were quite nice, saying thanks for volunteering, good morning and all. This oz girl, she got some change, and a hat from 2 different runners. I didn't get anything eventhough I stood beside her.

Anyway, there were some trespassers. They were not allowed to be in the road. These two particularly amused us. So this guy came up to us, after jumping the fence, said that he needed to take some photographs and that he would be very quick. We told him that he can't do that. He insisted and said that it wouldn't take long. So we agreed, because there were no runners and the next start was not gonna be in any short time. He called up this girl, dressed up, all with the boots and make-ups. They took pictures 3 times in the middle of the road. After they left, our supervisor came and said that he (the photographer) already got caught couples of times. It left us wondering, if they were just up for their own ego or what.

It's raining soon and it was freezing.. It's quite fun.

Check the website here.

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