Sunday, September 11, 2005

A Walk To Remember

I had one, last monday night. I was intended to go to one of two of the briefing sessions for general volunteers. One was on Monday, 5 Sept, and the other was on Tuesday, 6 Sept. It was on from 6:30 pm till 7:00 pm, in one of the meeting rooms of Four Points Sheraton in Darling Harbour.

Being a careless reader, I came to understand that the place was Sheraton On The Park, in Elizabeth St. I know that street quite well, and I can get to that place easily. So I went there after 5:30 pm, skipped my last lecture. You just have to hop on the 391-399 buses or L94 and get off in Elizabeth St., just in front of David Jones store (but not the 393 or 395). They are my regular buses going to or back from uni. I got there around 6:10, which was early. Then I walked around, looking for sign of the meeting, e.g. on the hotel notice board. I became suspicious, couldn't find anything. Then I took the paper out and read it consciously, Four Points Sheraton, at Darling Harbour. So I asked this lady, she's working there, where the 4Points is. She gave instruction quite clearly. "It's a 15 mins walk from here (I looked at the watch, and I knew I couldn't make it), and just walk along the Market St.(which one is that?), just outside the hotel. Then turn right at the traffic lights, just before the bridge to Star City (shit!! shit!! shit!!! It's far!!!)".

I left and started walking Market St. then turn left on George St. I thought, this place is near darling harbour, so I need to get to DH 1st. I was so wrong.

I knew I couldn't make it, but went there anyway, just for the sake of my own curiousity. I took bus from Town Hall (George St.) to near Market City (China town, that is) and walked to DH. It's not far from there. Then I found a map, tried to locate 4Points. It was on the other end of DH. on the other end.... bad luck..

I walked there, enjoyed myself actually. The lights were so pretty and the air was pleasant. Then I saw this bridge to Star City, climbed the stairs and get back at the end of Market St. See, at this point I can't stop myself from cursing and pitying on myself. So I turned right at the lights and found 4Points. I wandered around in the hotel for 5 mins and then left. I walked up King St. and suddenly I got to York St. You don't know how relieved I was to see it. It is near the north shore bus stop, which means I could go home (I thought I needed to find George St., turned out that it is further than York). I caught the freeway bus and got off at the junction, then took 202 all the way down to the terminus.

The walk was long, and it was tiresome but the view was great. And this was all on without dinner. I didn't have any dinner that night, though I had some snacks, but compared to my regular dinner, it doesn't mean anything. Luckily, I was fine, no stomach ache, no too-acidic stomach, no too-much gas.

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