Sunday, September 11, 2005

Week 7

I hate week 7, I'd probably be hating the next 7 weeks. It's still 7 weeks to go before the final. I'm feeling that I might be busy, but let's hope for the best.

Week 7, let's see:
  • calculus test, it's alright but am not quite sure that I will get full mark on that.
  • engineering mechanics (statics), I was fcuked up at the 1st question, really hoping that I will get the 2nd and the 3rd one correct.
  • material balance, won't get full mark for this, get the oxygen wrong.
  • pre-event volunteering, to which I couldn't come because of statics test.
  • got lost in Sydney while trying to go to the briefing session for volunteering. I went to the wrong Sheraton. Apparently, they have 2. One in Elizabeth St., which they call Sheraton on the Park, and the other one is near Darling Harbour, The Four Points Sheraton. More story on that.
  • Got some shitty personalities in me, no comment on that.
  • volunteering for Sydney Running Festival, started at 5:25 am and finished at 8:30. More stories on that, too bad I didn't bring my camera.
  • looking forward to week 8??? I'm waiting for the answer of my application. I applied for Yellowshirt, that are the bunch of people (students) helping run the orientation week at UNSW, and they're wearing yellow shirts.

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