Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Talkers talkers

The other day, Tiff and I talked about Indonesian culture, in a way of how people/your big family showing that they really care. (Tiff is an American-born Indo so she has as big as an Indo big family we generally have.)

Well, we both complained that they (our big fam) really care about how others going. I mean care as in too much. For example, if I have something bad's going on between my mom and me, like big fight, they'll bloody know it. Okay, we all know that we like to talk to people when we have problem, yeah sure, it's alright with me. But then, yeah, they'll start bugging on me. And it's not only the adults, but also their kids, my cousins and they're all much younger than me Buggers!! It's really none of your piece of shyte, so leave my shyte behind.

They really like you, they really do. They talk about you, your style, your love life, your study, the way you talk, the way you move, just everything about you. Oh, so much about what others think. What they think are too important and too damn right, and your parents are so gonna threaten your life with any kind of actions that need to be taken to get you back to reality, the way how you supposed to be.

I can't say that it's all bad. Critics are welcomed any time with me. But it's just plain annoying when people you hardly close with talk so much about yourself, as if they know. As if they know..

People can always talk but it's always up to you whether you want to listen to it or not.

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At 2:16 AM, Blogger innocent rose munched...

mudh!! sayah setuju!!
lingkungan yg seperti ini membuat kita tidak bisa menjadi yang kita inginkan...

seumpama, kita sudah diprogram dengan standarisasi masyarakat atas indoktrinasi keluarga, teman, dan lingkungan!!

huff!! LELAH!!

At 8:32 PM, Blogger restinkindiculous munched...

oooooowww yeahhhh,,, hate all those crappy gossipers! gw ketemu mereka setaun sekali, well 2-3 kali laaahhh,, dan mereka ga tau prosesnya, cuma tau hasil akhirnya dan dengan gampangnya berkomentar,,, malesin banget! hmmm untungnya sepupu" gw ga ada yang se crappy nyokap bokapnya, kecuali si afal ya-ada yang tau? adeknya eca? apa ga kenal eca juga?- yang suka sekali meniru kta" nyokapnya,, which making him the only crappy cousin


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