Thursday, February 23, 2006

Gone... gone and GONE!

ARGGHHH SOLD OUT??!!?!?!?!?! WHAT THE FUCCKKKKKKKK???!!! I really should've bought it from the fan presale... how annoying..

well not really that upset when I tried to figure out what that really means this morning at Coogee moshtix.. oh so sad that I couldn't go to see Jason.. uh.. Jasonnnnnnnnnnnn Mraaaazzzzzzzzzzzzz why do you come all the way down here just to play in a small cafe??? Unlucky... Guess our line haven't crossed each other's line..

Oh well I bought me a new speaker with subwoofer (WOOF!), so that I can listen to good music now, and feel the bass... It feels so good...

Yay! We're still waiting for Jamie Cullum's concert (there're like maybe 8 of us! woohoo!!). Some are from the Mraz concert team, with an additional of 2 people plus 1 substitution.
Haha.. sounds like a volleyball team!

Hmm talking about volleyball, yesterday I played again, for the first time since I left Jakarta for Sydney. Man... it was a nice game, eh? Yummm, feel so good to be back on the court! hahahaha..
Well, eventhough my hands and thumbs are all swollen and red, with some red freckles, it's still good.. hehehe
We have to pay for the club membership, $10/semester.. well that's a bit expensive, but that's alright. Then, we have to pay for social competition, $40 for individual. So that's $50 altogether. Hmmm I dunno, I might just try for 1 semester.. well.. yeah.. that's too expensive.
I'm gonna try sailing this semester, and hopefully I get to try scuba-diving next semester! Yippee!!

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At 2:45 AM, Blogger innocent rose munched...

jangan sedih yah teman!

At 12:25 PM, Blogger Zombie_Flyboy munched...

I am a beast at volleyball.



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